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Damith Senavirathna
Mr. Damith Senavirathna Managing Director, Pile Labs Private Limited

At the inception of our business we at Pile Labs obtained Consulting Services of Obrand Solutions to figure out a strategy for Business. Obrand Solutions gave us some useful insights to enrich our business strategy and how we could infuse innovation into it. Instead of positioning in the construction business they positioned us in the business of Transforming Spaces which opened unmet opportunities for Pile Labs and hence I highly recommend Obrand Solutions to anyone.

Gayan Kondasinghe
Mr. Gayan Kondasinghe Managing Director, Promising Textiles Private Limited

I was a confident speaker but always lacked the art of landing a powerful keynote when I was invited to deliver my success story. I reached out to Obrand Solutions and they helped me structure a keynote, incorporate body language, vocal variations, vivid descriptive imagery and a little bit of humor to engage with the audience for longer. I am therefore grateful for Obrand Solutions Professional Coaching that transformed my journey as a keynote speaker.

Sumith Dandunnage
Mr. Sumith Dandunnage Chairman & Managing Director, Hardware Mart Private Limited

When we launched Hardware Mart we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition. For that we reached out to Obrand Solutions. They advised us to open a lifestyle Hardware brand that connects to customers’ emotional appeal, than merely being a Hardware Store in the eyes of the customer. That’s how Obrand Solutions came with the concept of “Building your Dreams” which really worked for us at Hardware Mart. I have the highest rating for Obrand Solutions for crafting a great strategy for us.

GATE Solutions
Dr. Kishani Goonasekera Director, Gate Systems Private Limited

Gate Systems Private Limited wanted a business model designed to sell its software products and we selected Obrand Solutions as our Consulting Partner which worked well for us. They also did a fantastic job with when they developed our website - which I think looks stunning and to the point. I highly recommend the services of Obrand Solutions and they truly provide you solutions than solutions in partial.

Sandamali Goonasekera
Ms. Sandamali Goonasekera Chief Executive Officer, Event Sutra

When we established Event Sutra as a startup we encountered heavy competition. It was Obrand Solutions that encourage us to expand the portfolio beyond Wedding Planning to Corporate Events, Conferences, Private Parties, Outdoor Events and made us a fully fledged Event Management Company which I think is a great approach for a start up to find its space in the market. Eventually we mastered few areas that we had demand for and today we cater to those areas. I highly rate Obrand Solutions consulting services which I found to be extremely practical and useful.

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